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The history of body jewelry dates back thousands of years and encompasses many different countries and continents. Some of the oldest records of body jewelry were found on mummified remains of the ancient Egyptians. These types of Egyptian body jewelry remains include pierced ears and earrings as well as records of body jewelry including piercing in the Old Testament of the Bible. There are mentions of earrings, necklaces, rings, and even nose rings. In the Bible, there is mention as well as the giving of body jewelry during bridal ceremonies.

In other countries, body jewelry is often associated with tribal power, wealth, and identification. For thousands of years, tribes have been implementing the art of body jewelry and piercing. Evidence of body jewelry can be seen in tribes from Africa, Asia, North America (Native Americans), Eskimo, as well as the ancient Aztecs and Mayan empires.

Today, body jewelry has come to symbolize wealth, style, fashion, as well as a means of artistic expression. From the 14 Karat Gold studded earrings of a young girl, to the more extreme tongue or eyebrow rings body jewelry encompasses every genre, age range, and fashion statement imaginable.

Body jewelry can include belly button rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, eyebrow piercing, lip rings, tongue rings, nipple rings, and toe rings, there isn't a body part that can't be enhanced or adorned by body jewelry.

Afraid to pierce- no problem- there are a host of body jewelry items available on the market that don't require body piercing but will give the same look as your piercing loving friends.

To many people, the make of body jewelry is just as significant as the part that the jewelry was designed for. Some people prefer Sterling Silver while others prefer Gold. There are many other items however, which feature specific gemstones or tribal jewelry such as Amber, Bone,

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